Crude Observations

Shameless Self Promotional Supplementary Edition

Here’s an urban myth that I never really believed: the camera adds 10 pounds. Who knew? I mean I suppose intuitively I knew it, I just didn’t believe it. Now I know.  And those extra pounds? Neither evenly nor fairly distributed. I learned this because I recently had the privilege of appearing on an edition of CTV2’s Alberta Primetime. a daily news show covering topics of interest to people in the Province of Alberta.


As it turns out, the producer had been forwarded one of my recent rantier blogs and thought why not have this loonie guy on her show and see how tight we can wind him. Given my vast experience with broadcast TV, I immediately accepted the invitation. What did I have to worry about? I was after all on Reach For The Top in 1982 (for all you non-Canadians, this is a national TV quiz show for high school kids) – what could possibly go wrong?


At any rate, it would have been irresponsible of me to turn down an invitation to talk about three of my favourite topics in one awkward sitting: pipelines; politics; and Canadian energy!


If you have the time to watch it, it’s pretty obvious I have never done television, however I thought it went pretty well all things considered. And I got my 3 bullet points covered.


The link is attached. See y’all on Friday.


Crude Observations
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