Oilfield Environmental Services Co.

Stormont is representing the sale of a Canadian oilfield environmental services company that provides proprietary rental assets to facilitate the processing of oilfield drilling waste to recover oil, recondition the mud system, and mitigate the volume of waste stemming from these operations.


This recovery system is used primarily during drilling operations where invert drilling mud is being used and utilizes trade secret technology / equipment and proprietary software. The advantages of this system is the ability to generate revenue from oilfield waste streams (oil recovery), recondition the existing drilling mud which saves the producer money, and reduces the volume of drilling waste produced at each location saving money on trucking and disposal.


This is a growing market segment, and a differentiated service line with technological defensive barriers in place. The company would be a compelling addition to an existing oilfield equipment rental business, a large industrial environmental services player or, a valuable component in a consolidation of the drilling fluids services market in Canada or the USA.


Contact for more information:
Dave Munro