Thermo-Acoustic Electric Generator Technology

Stormont is representing the sale of a company that has developed a ground-breaking embedded electricity generator utilizing a variety of patented thermal acoustic technologies.  The small device can efficiently generate electric power from any fuel or high-temperature heat source (such as exhaust or waste heat).  The technology is inherently rugged and reliable, has no moving parts or wear items, and is simple and inexpensive to manufacture.


Commercial applications for this device include (i) Remote Power for well-sites and telecom, (ii) Micro-CHP (in home micro combined heat and power generation), and (iii) Engine Waste Heat Recovery (vehicle and industrial applications).


This is a unique opportunity for a Strategic Buyer or vertical-specialist Financial Sponsor seeking a class leading technology poised to disrupt incumbent solutions in these markets, supported by world-class technical personnel.


Contact for more information:
Dave Munro